Kabab Corner


The other day my sister and I met up with a friend in West Sac for lunch and went to Kebab Corner on Jefferson Blvd. It’s kind of a no frills buffet restaurant with decent and reasonably priced food. I haven’t had Indian food in a while so I kind of gorged myself on dahl and garlic naan. It also got me on an Indian kick so right now I have a pound of lentils boiling so I have tomato lentil curry for the weekend 🙂


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No Bake Pie Recipes

Last week I tried a recipe from onegreenplanet for a coconut milk pie. Turned into more of a coconut blueberry goop, still tasty but not very pie like. So this week I just used the extra graham cracker pie shell for a tofu “cheesecake” recipe that I modified from How It All Vegan. I substituted coconut oil for vegan butter.

Modified Recipe:

3 cups (about 1 package) extra firm tofu

1 cup melted coconut oil

3/4 cup cocoa powder

1 to 1 1/2 cups sugar or equivalent sweetener

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup soy milk

I ran all the ingredients through a food processor, stirring with a spoon every once in a while to help it mix, then poured it into the pie crust and stuck it in the fridge until it solidified, which was pretty fast compared to the original recipe.

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Overall, a fantastic and first of its kind to address the many myths and false promises of a vegan diet…. but from pro vegan authors who are well known in their fields. They call out the ableism, illness shaming, the fat shaming, and denial of death that thousands of vegans proselytize. I love how they…

via Even Vegans Die: A Quick Review from the Sistah Vegan Project —

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99 Cent Store Shopping and thoughts on bone broth.

This morning we didn’t have any food so I rode my trike over to the 99 Cent Only store by our complex. It’s kind of hit or miss with food quality but today was a good day. What I got for under $15:

Loaf of organic whole grain wheat bread

Whole wheat tortillas

3 packages soy chorizo

Red Bell Pepper (2 for $1)

10.5 oz package fresh grape tomatoes

15 oz can organic black beans

1 large avocado

5 bananas

4 pack of bagels

1/2 gallon almond milk ($2.50 still cheaper than grocery store)

16 pack of Pop Tarts

One major reason I don’t do much shopping at the Natural Foods Co-Op is simply because I don’t make a lot of money and frequently have $20 or less to buy food needs to last several days. One of my neighbors works at the Co-Op and buys their produce at the same discount stores I do. A paycheck or EBT balance simply stretches farther there.

Over that past year or two I keep hearing people recommend bone broth as a cure all for everything. The clerk at the  Co-Op recommended it when I was buying stuff to make my cold more tolerable. She seemed to not know what to recommend when I told her I was vegan. Still I went over to compare labels on bone/regular broths. Aside from higher price and salt content the nutritional information was essentially the same. I certainly don’t feel the need to start drinking cow tendon water.

Links to Info on Bone Broth

NPR article on overblown health claims

Mic The Vegan Video on Bone Broth with citations

Mother Jones article


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New Year

On a Facebook vegan group I saw someone posted about New Years Resolutions, declaring that they were going to be a “better Vegan” by giving up soy, gluten and blueberries for some reason. They didn’t seem to have any allergy or ethical reason to do so. It seems to be an attempt at “purity” that I usually discourage. Being vegan is difficult enough for some people. I’m not in favor of cutting things out without good reason because most “ex-vegan” stories I’ve heard from people usually involve “I went (semi, glutenfree, Raw) vegan and didn’t feel good/my health suffered so I need meat now”.

My resolutions for 2017 are Read More and Spend Less. The way I’m working veganism into that is to read and review vegan related books and to bring my lunch to work. I work near Nugget Market and have found it’s too easy to cheat when I’m exausted and there’s four different kinds of chicken and the only vegan protein in the buffet is one kind of tofu. Even though I still stick with the vegan option that still ends up being over $10 a meal. That can buy me food for a few days at another grocery store.

I plan to read and do reviews of books from the Library to save money and there are some anti vegan authors I really do not want to give money to. So my basic plan is to not get too complicated and try to be consistent.

Bright Blessings for 2017 everyone 🙂

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Some Tips for Being Vegan On a Budget

Sometimes I think about my acquaintances who are into grass-fed, free range “happy meat” BS and all the mental gymnastics I would have to do to be okay with eating that way. Most of the time I just think I couldn’t afford to eat that way even if I wanted to. Soy and almond milk do cost a bit more than cow milk, but less than “organic” cow milk. I was at Sprouts a while back and they even had unpasteurized “raw” milk for almost $15 per gallon! Even though there’s no proven benefit to it.

So I thought I’d share some tips for eating cheap besides “shop the edge of the grocery store” and “eat plants, not things made in a plant”

  1. Don’t Worry About Organic. This is practically Heresy to some people I know but nutritionally, organic and conventional produce are about the same. Organic doesn’t mean no pesticides, it just means no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Like “free rage” Organic is often little more than marketing, and it almost always costs more.
  2. Eat Soy. And Other Legumes. Unless you have a diagnosed allergy or your doctor specifically tells you to avoid it, soy products like tofu, milk alternative and edamame are generally harmless. And more importantly soy is a cheap, complete protein that’s easy to prepare. Soy and other legumes like lentils, black beans and chickpeas/garbonzo beans are also low fat, high fiber, high protein, and a complex carbohydrate.
  3. Check the Regular Grocery Store Before Whole Foods/Health food store.  Like the organic thing, Whole Foods and The Natural Foods Co-op will often have the exact same brand of something as Food Source or Walmart for a much higher price. I love the Co-op but don’t really want to spend $5 for something I can get for under $3 at Food Source. This also goes for supplements. I was at Rite Aid where I saw a jar of chia seeds marketed as a weight loss supplement for over $10 when I bought two bags of chia seeds at Food Co on the next block for less than $5. Also Dollar Tree and The 99 cent Store are good places to get canned and frozen veggies.
  4. Buy What You Will Actually Eat. Of course you should buy and eat lots of fruits and vegetables and other healthy food, but it’s kind of pointless to six pounds of something just because it’s on sale if you don’t like the something. Raw spinach will just rot in your crisper if you don’t like raw spinach.
  5. If you have a yard, grow stuff. If you are going to put the time and water into landscaping, you might as well get something out of it. You don’t have to rip out your lawn to put in a mini farm unless you want to. But growing tomatoes in your flowerbed or planting some fruit trees are always a good idea. Also remember what you will actually eat. My maternal grandmother had an orange tree and peach tree that I loved. My paternal grandmother had a plum tree and hated plums. I have some potted herbs on my porch, and next spring I’m going to start some veggies.
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Cronometer and thoughts on more posts

Yesterday was my day off from one of my jobs so I could focus a little more on what I was eating and post to cronometer.

Breakfast: Remnants of  a box of Kashi cereal, oatmeal, soy milk, frozen blackberries, chia seeds and a few cups of tea.

Lunch: large helping of Lentil stew with frozen veggies, glass of iced green tea.

Snack: bread with olive oil

Dinner: veggie burger and a glass of soymilk

Nutrition content daily values

Protein: 162%

Iron 125%

Calcium 95%

Vitamin A 226%

Vitamin B12 192%

VItamin C 108%

Vitamin D 50%

Vitamin K 164%

Omega 3 Fats 282%

This information does not include supplements I take, which are simply a vegetarian multivitamin and a B Complex every morning. All my food is regular food that came from a regular grocery store and the  Dollar Store. I posted a while back about veganism and social justice and accessibility. I think I could have done a much better post so that’s what I’m going to focus on in the next few days.

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