On Vegan Iron

My sister and I went to Ikea today where I bought a chocolate bar among other things. When I got home and looked at the label I was surprised at the daily value of iron on the nutrition level. So I thought I’d look at all the vegan stuff in my house and jot down the iron levels.

Foods and Daily values of Iron Per Serving:

Choklad Mork bar from Ikea 70 % per serving, 140 % per bar

Dry Lentils    20%

Rolled Oats 10%

Seeds of Change Madras Curry Sauce 10%

Reynaldo’s Soy Chorizo 15%

Milton’s Multigrain Bread 15% per serving, 30% for 2 slices

Trader Joe’s Vegan Tikka Masala  20%

Canned Blackbeans  10%

Canned Lentil Soup 15%

For comparison, the Swedish meatballs at Ikea only contain 6% daily value per serving.

As for vegan vs nonvegans levels of iron deficiency I have a bit of personal experience to share. As a child, doctor’s told my mom I was anemic despite my high levels of beef consumption. She tried to get me to take iron pills but it did not go well. Since going vegan I’ve been donating blood regularly and in the past decade there have only been two incidents where my iron levels were slightly too low to donate, but were not low enough for me to be considered anemic.

More info on iron and veganism:





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Support Anti-Rabbit Meat Leafleting Activist, Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project

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Photo of Lauren being arrested. (Source: http://www.rabbitadvocacynetwork.org/food-empowerment-project-founder-lauren-ornelas-arrested-by-whole-foods-manager/)

The other month, my friend and ED of The Food Empowerment Project was arrested while peacefully leafleting outside of Whole Foods Sebastopol, CA. The manager of the store called the police and did a “citizen’s arrest” of Ms. Ornelas. Her crime? Educating customers about the cruelty of rabbit meat industry. Whole Food sells rabbit meat and she, as well as other leafleters, simply wanted customers to know the cruelty behind this new growing trend of eating rabbits. What is also notable is that Lauren helped Whole Foods become more ethical years ago, with Viva!. They arrested the very person who worked with the higher ups to make positive change. Great reward, no? She was arrested for leafleting while brown, propose pattrice jones.

On January 15 2015, Join us to support food justice &vegan activist, lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project, as she faces…

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What I ate on Thanksgiving and Yule Plans

Thanksgiving was spent with my sister who is roommates with the woman who runs the Sacramento chapter of the Weston A Price Foundation. So I ended up eating a tofurkey sausage my sister heated up along with salad and roasted potatoes and listening to a woman talk about being “raised vegetarian” going vegan for a “couple of months” and how the Westen A Price diet completely changed her life.

We ate dinner next to a display of multilevel marketed supplements and “nutrition” pamplets. I thought it was interesting that someone who firmly believed soy was dangerous had no qualms about feeding her children my soy filled pumpkin pie  and topping it with her “natural” whipped cream containing wholesome ingredients like carrageenan and polysorbate 80.

Christmas will probably be pretty low key for me. I’m going to a gathering at my dance studio and may try some recipes from the copy of Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar I got for my birthday.

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Finally, a FAIR TRADE Vegan Butter that is ORGANIC and More SUSTAINABLY SOURCED!

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A lot of vegans I know use Earth Balance for their vegan butter. I stopped using Earth Balance awhile ago, after I wrote my dissertation and discovered that, at least for me, they are not as ‘ethical’ as they market themselves to be. The sourcing of their coconut and palm oil was not transparent. I did not know if the human laborers harvesting their ingredients were being treated fairly (actually, I don’t like the word ‘fairly’ so much. I like the words ‘mindfully’, ‘lovingly’ ,and ‘compassionately’ when describing the conditions in which human beings should be entitled to work/exist within.)

At the market, I saw that the company Nutiva is offering a vegan butter spread that is  organic, more sustainably sourced, and “Fair For Life” certified. I have been enjoying Nutiva’s products for years, as they offer healthy, organic, vegan and sustainably sourced items for quite a while. Their hemp…

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Curried Splitpeas

I’m between paychecks right now so most of my meals lately have consisted of legumes and pulses. Last night I started soaking split peas and right now I’m making curry split pea soup from memory because my copy of Vegan With a Vengeance is in storage. Not sure if it will taste as good as last time but it smells great.

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4th of July at an English Pub.

So my 30th birthday was June 30th and my mom decided to take my sister and me out for brunch a few days late. My birthday got lumped in with 4th of July a lot when I was a kid too.
We were supposed to go to Orphan but left the house late and there was a line down the street by the time we found the place. While mom was trying to think of a different place to go my sister suggested The Fox & Goose so we went there.

I hadn’t been there in several years but aside from being loud (4th of July and a World Cup game playing) I had a pretty good time.

They have “creative tofu” on the menu which is basically a tofu scramble you can add all the stuff you can add to an omelette. I ordered the tofu with salsa and avocado, toast with jam, potatoes and a cup of Earl Grey. Next time I may have more stuff in my “omelette” and see if they have any vegan beer.

Sorry for not posting pictures, I still don’t have a working laptop or camera.

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On Lierre Keith and “The Vegetarian Myth”

Someone on facebook shared a youtube video that was an interview with Lierre Keith who wrote The Vegetarian Myth, saying “I implore each and every one of you to take the time to watch this invaluably important video. I do not wish to start any kind of debate. But this information could save your life.” I rolled my eyes and shared a link to a review by a Registered DIetician and was completely dismissed as having an agenda. It was fallowed by comments saying how grains are horrible for you and you NEED meat to be healthy and Weston Price is awesome. I shouldn’t be surprised, I did make the choice to comment with a different opinion and the comment section on any site is not a great place for discussions of any kind.

I’ll be honest I do get very angry when people insist you need meat and claim veganism or vegetarianism is inherently unhealthy, but I do try my best to provide accurate information on the subject. It bothers me that people makes all these claims citing her book or Weston Price neither of whom have training in nutrition, but imply that I’m just clinging to an ideology or have an agenda when I share a link to the site of a Registered Dietician who does have an actual background in Nutrition.

My main problem with Lierre Keith is the fact that she admitted in interviews that she ignored research that didn’t fit her ideology when she was vegetarian, claimed to be vegan while admitting she frequently ate eggs and dairy but still blamed veganism for her health problems. She also claims that agriculture and grains are horrible for people and the environment, but neglects to mention that most of those evil crops are grown to feed the animals (even organic ones) that she advocates eating.

Links from people refuting Lierre Keith and The Vegetarian Myth:




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