Thoughts on Fat Shaming

A while ago I came across a the facebook page of a local “health advocate” who’s advocacy seems to mostly be posting photos of herself looking hot and concern trolling fat bodies. I’m not going to share her page because I don’t think she deserves the attention. She posted three times in one day about a fat positive blogger including a 17 minute video of herself sitting at her computer rambling about health and “glorifying obesity”.

Honestly I don’t really buy that she was genuinely concerned about health. The fat blogger had posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit, which I assume would mean she likes to swim and be physically active. I think fat person being fat wasn’t the problem. The problem was the fat person had the audacity to feel good about herself and her body. I’m completely in favor of women feeling good about themselves because there’s enough horrible things going on in the world.

Being an overweight person is unhealthy, being an overweight person who hates themselves is more unhealthy. It’s been documented that fat shaming only makes people fatter

I think this is also harmful for vegan advocacy. I think vegan advocates overstate the health benefits to the point of saying veganism is a panacea and when people don’t see results on a vegan diet they just go back to their normal diet or worse go in the opposite direction and eat even more animals and byproducts.

I don’t have an excuse for being fat because I don’t owe people an explanation. I’m fat because of several chronic  health issues including untreated PTSD from physical and emotional abuse. Other fat people I know live with chronic pain caused by everything from fibromyalgia to cancer treatment resulting in a double hip replacement at age 18 to a severed spine from someone attempting to murder them. None of us should have to disclose such deeply personal medical information to be treating with basic empathy.

Whenever someone who bullied me comments on the weight I have lost, thinking they’re paying me a compliment, all I can think about is the utter contempt that person had for me and my body when I needed compassion the most.



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New Year and Pizza


Today was a clean out the fridge kind of day. Pizza with tomato, olive and soy mozzarella. New Years Day was Blackeyed peas and greens. I didn’t make any food related resolutions but if any readers did they may find the links below helpful.



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Rest Day Snacking


Last night I took a yoga class for the first time since spring and rode my bike about 10 miles. So I’m a bit sore. Today I’m stretching, resting and eating mindfully.

Breakfast was stirfried tofu with kale and onions along with toasted french bread with hummus and cashew butter.  Lunch was more bread and hummus and a bowl of pomegranate seeds with banana and coconut yogurt. Dinner will likely be whatever needs to be used up out of the fridge.

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Kabab Corner


The other day my sister and I met up with a friend in West Sac for lunch and went to Kebab Corner on Jefferson Blvd. It’s kind of a no frills buffet restaurant with decent and reasonably priced food. I haven’t had Indian food in a while so I kind of gorged myself on dahl and garlic naan. It also got me on an Indian kick so right now I have a pound of lentils boiling so I have tomato lentil curry for the weekend 🙂


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No Bake Pie Recipes

Last week I tried a recipe from onegreenplanet for a coconut milk pie. Turned into more of a coconut blueberry goop, still tasty but not very pie like. So this week I just used the extra graham cracker pie shell for a tofu “cheesecake” recipe that I modified from How It All Vegan. I substituted coconut oil for vegan butter.

Modified Recipe:

3 cups (about 1 package) extra firm tofu

1 cup melted coconut oil

3/4 cup cocoa powder

1 to 1 1/2 cups sugar or equivalent sweetener

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup soy milk

I ran all the ingredients through a food processor, stirring with a spoon every once in a while to help it mix, then poured it into the pie crust and stuck it in the fridge until it solidified, which was pretty fast compared to the original recipe.

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Overall, a fantastic and first of its kind to address the many myths and false promises of a vegan diet…. but from pro vegan authors who are well known in their fields. They call out the ableism, illness shaming, the fat shaming, and denial of death that thousands of vegans proselytize. I love how they…

via Even Vegans Die: A Quick Review from the Sistah Vegan Project —

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99 Cent Store Shopping and thoughts on bone broth.

This morning we didn’t have any food so I rode my trike over to the 99 Cent Only store by our complex. It’s kind of hit or miss with food quality but today was a good day. What I got for under $15:

Loaf of organic whole grain wheat bread

Whole wheat tortillas

3 packages soy chorizo

Red Bell Pepper (2 for $1)

10.5 oz package fresh grape tomatoes

15 oz can organic black beans

1 large avocado

5 bananas

4 pack of bagels

1/2 gallon almond milk ($2.50 still cheaper than grocery store)

16 pack of Pop Tarts

One major reason I don’t do much shopping at the Natural Foods Co-Op is simply because I don’t make a lot of money and frequently have $20 or less to buy food needs to last several days. One of my neighbors works at the Co-Op and buys their produce at the same discount stores I do. A paycheck or EBT balance simply stretches farther there.

Over that past year or two I keep hearing people recommend bone broth as a cure all for everything. The clerk at the  Co-Op recommended it when I was buying stuff to make my cold more tolerable. She seemed to not know what to recommend when I told her I was vegan. Still I went over to compare labels on bone/regular broths. Aside from higher price and salt content the nutritional information was essentially the same. I certainly don’t feel the need to start drinking cow tendon water.

Links to Info on Bone Broth

NPR article on overblown health claims

Mic The Vegan Video on Bone Broth with citations

Mother Jones article


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