On Lierre Keith and “The Vegetarian Myth”

Someone on facebook shared a youtube video that was an interview with Lierre Keith who wrote The Vegetarian Myth, saying “I implore each and every one of you to take the time to watch this invaluably important video. I do not wish to start any kind of debate. But this information could save your life.” I rolled my eyes and shared a link to a review by a Registered DIetician and was completely dismissed as having an agenda. It was fallowed by comments saying how grains are horrible for you and you NEED meat to be healthy and Weston Price is awesome. I shouldn’t be surprised, I did make the choice to comment with a different opinion and the comment section on any site is not a great place for discussions of any kind.

I’ll be honest I do get very angry when people insist you need meat and claim veganism or vegetarianism is inherently unhealthy, but I do try my best to provide accurate information on the subject. It bothers me that people makes all these claims citing her book or Weston Price neither of whom have training in nutrition, but imply that I’m just clinging to an ideology or have an agenda when I share a link to the site of a Registered Dietician who does have an actual background in Nutrition.

My main problem with Lierre Keith is the fact that she admitted in interviews that she ignored research that didn’t fit her ideology when she was vegetarian, claimed to be vegan while admitting she frequently ate eggs and dairy but still blamed veganism for her health problems. She also claims that agriculture and grains are horrible for people and the environment, but neglects to mention that most of those evil crops are grown to feed the animals (even organic ones) that she advocates eating.

Links from people refuting Lierre Keith and The Vegetarian Myth:




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